POLL: Handwritten or Typed?

How do you guys prefer to write? Do you like to sit down with a pen and paper and write, or sit at your desk and type away? I usually write straight into my PC but since starting work at my new job I am on a computer all the time so my eyes have been starting to hurt, so I’m trying to take it away from the screen and hand write stuff.

The bonus of this is you can edit as you type it up getting a second draft in the process. The cons is you could lose your work, which would not be very good.

Christmas Day in Paris

Last night I booked something very exciting happened.

I booked my Christmas dinner! …now bear with me, why is this so exciting?

Well to quote a famous supermarket “this isn’t just a normal Christmas dinner, this is Christmas dinner on a cruise boat sailing down the River Seine on a two hour journey with live music playing in the background, whilst you sit down on the bow of the boat to a four course meal including wine and champagne.” Continue reading

The Maze Runner – Five Changes From The Book To Movie!

A shot of all the Gladers – via Hypable.

I’m not sure if my experience with The Maze Runner series is the same as everyone else’s. I had never heard of it before seeing the trailer but the trailer really piqued my curiosity so I downloaded the book onto my Kindle after reading the blurb.

I then powered through the first book loving every minute of it, absorbing it all and feeling along for the ride. I then immediately bought the next two and I am now nearly through the final book.

So it was with much anticipation I sat down in the cinema the other day whilst the lights were turned down and the film started. Needless to say I was very excited.

As the credits rolled I felt a mixed variety of emotions. On one extreme I really enjoyed the film, it was very fast paced and kept my attention throughout (which was a feat in and of itself as I was very worse for wear after a lot of wine was consumed the night before).

But then as I drove home and spoke about it with my girlfriend who has read the book (on my recommendation I may add…commission James Dashner?) I began to really feel negative feelings towards the film. Our main concern was how much was changed!

The topic of things being changed in book-to-film adaptations is a very broad one but it’s also a conflicting one, to me at least. My main thought on the topic is this: I’ve already read the book, I know what happens, so when watching an adaptation why not change stuff so I can experience the story in a whole new way? That sounds good on the surface. But when you get so attached to a book and the way you have pictured things in your head the changes in a film can seem very jarring! (One of the best book-to-film adaptations I’ve seen in recent years is The Fault In Our Stars, this stuck very close to the source material).


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How do you track your marketing activity?

Tracking your marketing activity

Tracking your marketing activity can be quite a colossal task when first thinking about doing so but if you break it down to 6 areas (split into two groups) it seems a lot more manageable. It is also necessary to stop yourself wasting money on things that don’t work, and allows you to improve the things that don’t work to make you able to market effectively. Continue reading

From Initial Design to a Creation

At work we sell, design and manufacture bespoke printed paper cups. The company is called The Printed Cup Company, pretty self explanatory name.

We’re currently working with a UK charity called Epilepsy Action to help raise some money for their cause by using our services.

We plan to use our expertise in this field to design a bespoke cup which we will hand out to local businesses. For every cup used we will donate 10p to Epilepsy Action.

As well as donating ourselves, there will be information printed onto the cup asking the users to donate too. They’ll be able to donate in the following ways:
Online via our JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/PrintedCups
Or they can text “CUPS51 AMOUNT” to 70070. Eg. “CUPS51 £3” to 70070.

As the marketing assistant at the company it was my job to mock up a design for the cups and this is what I came up with.

cup mock up

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